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3kf agriculture is a key activity at Three Kings Farm. The farm has a long history in agriculture.Peach and Pear  Fruit trees yielded crops hundreds of years ago, and there are plans for re-starting orchard activities.  Historical records 200 years ago document the farm had over 150 apple trees.  43 apple, peach and pear trees were planted in April, 2015.  They should be ready to bear enough fruit in 2021 supporting apple/peach/pear road-side stand that operates a few weekends in the summer and fall each year.

New Trees

A few acres are too steep for horses, but they are perfect for growing evergreen trees. The evergreen tree business will be expanding over the upcoming decade.  Initial planting of 550 trees occurred in April 2015.  A few trees will be ready to harvest as early as 2020, but a majority will be harvested in 2021 and beyond. We intend for the Christmas tree business to cater to local neighbors, friends and youth groups.  This activity will be limited to a few weekends after Thanksgiving each year.

2017 was our first year with Black Angus beef cows. We now have dry-aged, grass-fed, organic beef for sale in 2019.  See the Three Kings Farm Beef web page.

2107 was also the first year with bees.  Two hives produced about 4 gallons of wildflower honey in July of 2018.   We gave most of it to friends and family, but there is still a few jars for sale.


3kf agriculture is managed by Jane Helm

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Jane Helm is a trained gardener, certified as a Master Gardener by Penn State University.  Jane’s 30 year hobby and passion for horticulture has developed into much more than simple gardening. Her gardening training builds off her formal education in Interior Design from the University of Texas school of Architecture, a blend of art and science can be seen in all of her work.  Jane volunteers with the Chester County Master Gardeners to give advice and a helping hand to the community. Jane has specialized in vegetables, ornamental plants and native plant gardening. She is expanding into fruit trees, strawberries, and evergreen trees.

Contact: janehelm@3kfllc.com